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We are here to make a revolution in travel Industry as an employee I have felt lot of challenges for our Indian travel who make the booking through a Money making company. Travel has evolved over the period. People have begun to seek more than what hotels, flights and restaurants can offer. They are willing to eat what a place offers. They are willing to enjoy the comforts of a room that bonds well with the culture of the place. They are willing to travel miles into the place that offers them a meaning to their endeavour. They seek experiences. They want to live this experience again and again.

Travelexp Private limited "We Recommend to experience" is an initiative offering experiential travel solutions for folks who wish to travel the most effective way. We design tailor-made itineraries for journeys across both India & abroad with a vision to make people not just follow day wise schedules but experience moments every destination has on offer. We do not believe in helping facilitate your travel. We make sure that every minute plan of your itinerary is detailed by expert professionals in our organization and helped out with a personal touch.

The first online travel company, which recommend you to experience. Head office based in Chandigarh offering Best experiential tour to our client in all major destination like Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti Bora Bora , Europe Including Scandinavian Country as well as South East Asia and South Korea. We promote Unexplored Destinations across the globe for our Luxury Clients in one word. This is the one stop shop for all your travel needs. India's First holiday planner which Provide you experiential tour package through our best Travel Influence's and travel Blogger which makes your tour so easy and Comfortable.

Founded by Mr. Krishna Jha and a team consisting of expert professionals in the Travel & tourism sector, we cater to itineraries for travel in India & abroad. While Krishna has more than 5 years of Expertise having travelled to Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Europe, South East Asia & Tahiti Holding accredited certifications from the respective nations’ tourism department.


With more and more people travelling to different places, there has been a need to give people the experience they need. Guidance for destinations are being given on an increasing basis. People are provided solutions for modes of travel and places to stay with emergence of large Scale players in the market. The current trends, though, suggest that customers have been dissatisfied with the levels of service received while engaging with existing players. While some have not been up to the mark in understanding the customers’ requirements, some have been delivering services deemed of lower quality. There are also companies involved in fraudulent activities fleecing customers with false assurances. Numbers show that across the travel industry, only 30% of the customers are satisfied with the services catered to. In a nutshell, the trust factor for customers have been on the negative side. Transparency and quality is the need of the hour.

TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED has stepped into the sector with a vision to increase the satisfaction level of customers. We serve keeping in mind every detailed needs and demands of customers. Over the period, 99% of TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED’s customers have been satisfied with the services received. This, we believe, has been a milestone for us as we compare it with the 30% in the overall sector.

The first step where TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED has become successful in turning around is turning cumbersome processes of itinerary making to a transparent and efficient process. Every step from itinerary preparation, travel arrangements/bookings and assistance during travel is solely done by TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED & its recommended partners. We listen to every requirement of our customers’, understand the seasonality of the places, plan every hour of the vacation and finally, design the itinerary based on the before said factors. Bookings for flights or other relevant modes of transportation is done by us with due diligence to cost & time accounted for as per the customers’ convenience. Accommodations are booked at properties which are either owned/listed by Travelexp Private limited or those which have been scrutinized and verified assuring customers’ interests. Drivers across locations are trusted representatives of ours who vouch for customers’ safety and due diligence to the itinerary. Assistance during travel period is catered to by TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED’s representative serving as hubs across locations.

Travelexp Private limited 24x7 Assistance
We believe that every query is handled with a touch of personal care. For this very reason, we have dedicated calling facilities as well as help through social media handles 24x7 to make sure that there are no gaps left between our customers and us.

Travelexp Private limited Customer Value Guarantee
As our customer satisfaction levels suggest, we have had no grievances raised by our esteemed customers and firmly believe that there shall be no causes for concern in the road ahead. In the event of any such instances though, TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED makes sure there are no damages felt by the customers. As part of TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED Customer Value Guarantee, we assure 110% money back guarantee for each product of ours where issues have occurred. The 10% above the 100% comes from our heartfelt confidence of lapses not occurring from us.

Travelexp Private limited Customer Protection Guarantee
We value our customers’ protection across every step in their vacations. As a step ahead, we have designed TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED Customer Protection Guarantee, an initiative to make sure our customers feel safe to travel and stay across places. This ensures financial protection for customers against any incidences happening during travel period.

Travelexp Private limited Customer Rewards
What we have achieved till date and what we envision to achieve is down to our esteemed customers. We owe it to them for the belief they’ve had in us. To ensure a token of gratitude, we have come up with TRAVELEXP PRIVATE LIMITED Customer Rewards, an initiative where we reward our customers with gifts/vouchers which is of use to them in their future travel endeavours.